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Our Top 5 BBQ Books

by Ben Shute 09 Feb 2017 0 Comments
Favourite BBQ Books

Despite the wealth of recipes and advice about cooking now available online, there is something about a physical cookbook that I love. My cookbook shelf is groaning under the weight of not just BBQ books, but a couple of hundred cookbooks, and there’s something I find very relaxing about sitting down and leafing through the pages looking for inspiration.

I wanted to give you my 5 favourite BBQ books, in no particular order (you can click on the book titles to go to Book Depository to purchase if you’re interested):

Let there Be Meat - The Ultimate BBQ Bible Let There Be Meat

Think that some of the best BBQ is in the US? Think again. The guys who wrote this book operate Red’s True BBQ in London and give you the best advice on preparing and cooking all kinds of meat.

Texas BBQ

This was one of the first BBQ books I picked up and is a sensational primer when starting to cook low and slow. Advice on everything from rubs to ribs while looking at the different types of Texas BBQ.

Franklin BBQ

The big daddy of BBQ joints, and the big daddy of BBQ books. Aaron Franklin’s tome on BBQ gives you all you need to know about the food that people spend hours lined up for in Texas.

Myron Mixon’s BBQ Rules

The “winningest man in BBQ” sure does know his stuff, and he’s poured it into this book. This is a really good book for the beginner as well, a good grounding in the principles of cooking with smoke.

Project Smoke

I’ve always found Steve Raichlen’s BBQ Bible site a great resource, and this book is no different. Some amazing photography in this one, and some great recipes to inspire.

Have you got any favourites? Let’s hear them in the comments!

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