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Supporting Meat Fingers BBQ at Meatstock Auckland

by Ben Shute 22 Feb 2017 0 Comments
Meatstock Auckland

Meatstock is without a doubt one of the highlights on the BBQ calendar, and the Auckland leg is ready to kick into gear this weekend.

Happening this weekend at ASB show grounds, the event will feature some incredible bands, BBQ class from Big Moe Cason, Butcher and Barber Wars, and of course – BBQ Wars!

Moonshine BBQ is incredibly excited to be supporting Meat Fingers BBQ in the BBQ Wars, supplying the rubs they will be using to take on the best competitors NZ has to offer.

Meat Fingers formed in 2016 with a shared a love and passion for low n slow BBQ, cooking some mean meat on offsets, kettles and BGEs.

The team of Mike and Stacey Hunt and Keith Izett believe in keeping barbecue simple, not using over complicated techniques or time frames and just letting the meat do it’s thing over native pohutukawa wood and also oak and Fruitwood.

Best of luck to the team this weekend!

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