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Celebrating Moonshine BBQ's 1st Birthday

by Ben Shute 14 Mar 2017 0 Comments
Moonshine BBQ 1st Birthday

Hard to believe it’s our first birthday – what a huge year!

Twelve months ago this week I was out walking the dog thinking about the brisket I had left on the smoker when an idea came to me. I’d been creating my own rubs for a while, and speaking to some of my chef friends about flavour combinations. I was happy with the way my cooks were turning out, and began to wonder how other BBQ cooks would react to them.

Ben Shute - Moonshine BBQ FounderSo I started an Instagram account, and found undoubtedly one of the most incredibly fun and knowledgable communities anywhere, and I am thrilled that we have now hit our first birthday.

We started with 2 rubs – pork and lamb, then branched to beef and now we sit at 8 different rubs, all made from the highest quality ingredients available, and each pack handcrafted.

The original intent was that each month the rubs would be different and one off – and the recipe would disappear into the ether. But when people started trying them and cooking some great food, it didn’t make sense to change them.

It’s been a pretty amazing first year. We’ve sold hundreds of packets all over the world, many here at home, and others as far away as the US, UK and Belgium.

We put together some fantastic Christmas Hampers, which people loved and we will be doing again this year. We’ve garnered amazing feedback and recipes sent to us from some of the best in BBQ, and the reviews on site have been amazing.

We’ve been interviewed on radio and I was thrilled to be featured in the Bunning’s Workshop Community.

What makes me the happiest is the community we’ve built around it. I love seeing what people cook with Moonshine Rubs, and our Instagram page is awash with some amazing BBQ being shared

We’ve also struck up some amazing partnerships. We’re proud to be supporting the Flamin’ Mongrels BBQ team out of QLD, and the boys keep delivering some amazing Q. We’ve also supported the Meat Fingers team in NZ during their Meatstock Auckland.

We’ve also had our rubs stocked in a number of shops, and supplied catering quantities to feed hundreds.

The next challenge? Competition! We’ve entered BBQ Wars at Meatstock in Sydney in May, and can’t wait. If you’re going, be sure to come by and say hi!

So I’d like to say a big thank you to all of you who have bought a pack, tried it, loved it, told us, told your friends and supported a small Australian business.

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.



What better way to celebrate than with a new limited edition rub! We’ve created an all-purpose rub, and we’re limiting it to 100 packs. And in the vein of the original intent of Moonshine BBQ – the recipe WILL disappear after they go!

This works on beef, lamb, pork and even chicken, produces amazing flavour and as always is made from the highest quality spices.

Be sure to grab a pack before they all go!

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