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Product Review - Qwick Trim Brisket Trimmer

by Ben Shute 18 Jan 2017 0 Comments
Qwik Trim Brisket Trimmer

Disclosure: This product was provided for the purposes of review

The team at American BBQ recently sent me one of the Qwick Trim Brisket Trimmers to try out. I’d seen the product video a few times floating about so wanted to see what the fuss was about.

First off, it’s a pretty sturdy tool. A hard gauge plastic handle and a wide heavy duty blade, make it reasonably weighty for what it is.

I used it to tackle tackle a few different beef cuts, namely brisket and short ribs, which typically have larger, harder pieces of fat on them that need to be removed before cooking.

On first use on the brisket it was great. The blade cut through the fat caps with ease, and got them quickly down to a point where it was fast and efficient to finish them off with a knife.

Using on the beef ribs also produced some good results, but it was perhaps overkill to use it as the fat cap wasn’t huge and it didn’t really add to expediting the prep process.

While the blade started out super sharp it seemed to dull after a couple of uses, meaning it would pull more on the meat, but I imagine this is to be expected as extra blades do appear to be able to purchased from the manufacturer.

All in all, a good tool, but with limited application.

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