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The Moonshine BBQ Story So Far...

by Ben Shute 02 May 2016 0 Comments
Moonshine BBQ

BBQ Rubs ingredients - Collections of spices and mortar and pestleAny of my friends (and followers of my Instagram for that matter) will tell you that one of my true passions is slow cooking.

Adding flavour through an array of herbs and spices, leaving it to do its thing in the oven, BBQ or smoker for hours and transforming into something that is truly out of this world. It is an amazingly satisfying, and tasty experience, and always best shared with friends.

I’ve been creating my own mixes of spices for a long time, but it really went to another level about 3 years ago when I discovered the art of BBQ. Not the burning of a snag on the grill, but the slow, smoking, indirect method of cooking so popular in the USA, where BBQ rubs are the foundation of not only the flavour, but the texture of the meal.

Moonshine BBQ was created out of my love for these kind of cooking. I wanted to bring amazing herb and spice flavours together with the art of slow cooking and smoking for rubs that are truly unique. Over the past few years, I have been very fortunate to have been involved in the ventures of a number of Australia’s leading chefs, and I’m grateful to them for their guidance in helping me craft some these.

In keeping with the philosophy, all the mixes had to be ground and mixed personally, and in small batches. It’s these touches that mean the flavour profiles of each will differ slightly each batch. This was what led us to the name.

Underpinning each of our BBQ rubs is the secret element, the Moonshine BBQ signature pepper mix. Sure, black pepper is fine, but there are so many other varieties out there. After testing many different blends, we hit on the perfect mix of heat, which is included as an ingredient in every mix.

So that’s our story, and we’re sticking to it.

Hope you enjoy.

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