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Cherry Smoked Lamb Shoulder

by Ben Shute 17 Apr 2016 0 Comments
Cherry Smoked Lamb Shoulder

Sunday is the perfect day for slow cooking. This recipe for smoked lamb shoulder is a surefire winner and will give you amazing crust and flavour. You can also cook this in a tray in the BBQ or the oven and add some of the optional veg, which will really complement the smoked lamb shoulder.

Pre-cooking tips

  • Make sure you use a drip tray in the smoker with about 10mm of water in the bottom to maintain moisture and catch any fat
  • If using a smoker, we recommend Cherry wood, either logs or chips, depending on your set up
  • If using your BBQ, make sure it has a hood and is set up for indirect heat cooking

Smoked Lamb Shoulder Ingredients

Smoked Lamb Shoulder Method

  1. Rub your leg of lamb with your dry rub. How much is up to you, but we like a liberal covering. Set aside and let rest for half hour.
  2. Set your smoker up for indirect cooking. Get your coals started in a chimney starter and add to the front of the snake or on top of unlit coals, and bring the temp up to 250F (120C). If using a gas BBQ or oven, preheat your BBQ or oven to 120C (fan forced). Using a BBQ, prepare it for indirect heat cooking and make sure you’re pre-heating with the hood down.
  3. Place on the smoker grate, or in the oven / BBQ (place on the side where the burners are turned off) and close the hood
  4. Keep a track of the internal temperature, once you reach about 165F, wrap the shoulder with a double layer of foil, with some butter, crushed garlic and rosemary in the wrap
  5. Start checking for temp at about 200F – 205F, and when the meat is pulling easily from the bone, you’re done.
  6. Leave to rest for 20 minutes in a warm place before serving
  7. Serve with potatoes and greens
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