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The Road to Meatstock Sydney - Heat Beads® Joins The Team

by Ben Shute 26 Mar 2017 0 Comments
Heat Beads at Meatstock Sydney

If you’ve been following us on our Facebook or Instagram accounts, you’ll know that we’ve decided to kick Moonshine BBQ up a notch by entering BBQ Wars at Meatstock Sydney this May.

We expect Meatstock Sydneyit to be a huge learning experience, and even before we get there we have so much to do. We plan on entering for beef, pork and lamb, so we obviously have a lot of practice to get on with as we try and perfect each cut that will go into our hand in boxes. Speaking of hand-in boxes, we need to practice our preparation of those!

The key part though is the team, and I am pleased to say that we’re making it a family affair this first time out with my brother’s-in-law making up our team of 4. Each person plays a key part, especially in the preparation work on the days of the competition.

Something we’ve discovered too is that there’s a fair bit of kit that we need to have that you wouldnt usually find in the backyard cook, so we’re working our way through that list, and over the next few weeks, we’ll be documenting our progress here as we go.

Heat Beads® sponsoring Moonshine BBQ at Meatstock SydneyAnnouncing Our New Sponsor – Heat Beads®

I’m incredibly excited to announce that the good folks at Heat Beads® have come on board to sponsor the Moonshine BBQ team as we head to Meatstock Sydney.

Like many, we’ve been using Heat Beads® since the beginning of our BBQ journey, and I have lost count of how many we’re gone through as we build out our snake for those long cooks. We know they are a quality product, which gives us confidence that we can get our smokers going at and holding just the right temperature as we compete.

Beyond the standard briquettes, we’ll be using both the lump charcoal and the coconut shell briquettes to fuel our practice in the lead up to and at BBQ Wars in May.

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