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Epic Smoked Chicken Wings

by Ben Shute 07 Nov 2016 0 Comments
Epic Smoked Chicken Wings with Blend Smoked Honey

Chicken wings are one of those foods that you can just eat until the cows come home (and when they do, try this short rib recipe). Smoked chicken wings are simply out of this world, and you will never have enough of them to satisfy your hunger.

Unlike most of the recipes on here, wings tend to be more of a hot and fast cook, but can defiantly also be done low and slow. Their size makes them at most a two hour cook, and my method uses the added awesome taste of smoked honey



  1. Wings on the smokerGive chicken wings a generous coating of chicken rub, and set aside for a half hour
  2. Arrange your BBQ heat beads or charcoal in the centre of your kettle, get a number of coals going in your chimney starter and then add on top of the unlit fuel. You want to get your temperature up to either 225-250F for a long cook, or up to 350 for a fast cook.
  3. Arrange your wings around the outside edge of the grill plate away from the fuel (see image), add a chunk of smoking wood to the centre of the grate and close the lid.
  4. Cook for either 80min on 225-250, or for 35 – 45 min at 350F
  5. Glaze the wings with some honey and cook for another 10 minutes.
  6. Remove smoked chicken wings from the heat, drizzle with more honey and serve (why not try our ultimate BBQ slaw as a side)



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