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Smoked Lamb Shanks

by Ben Shute 06 Jul 2016 0 Comments
Smoked Lamb Shanks

Smoked lamb shanks is the perfect spin on what is pretty close to the top of the comfort food list. This cut has long been the choice for slow cooking and braising because the large amount of connective tissue that breaks down during the process and makes it melt in your mouth tender.

Smoked Lamb Shanks
Shanks rubbed down in Moonshine BBQ Rub, ready for the smoker

This recipe will give you the best results for smoked shank.


  • Two medium sized lamb shanks, frenched
  • Rub – Salt, pepper, rosemary, or Moonshine BBQ Lamb Rub
  • Peach wood (or other fruit wood, cherry also woks well)

Smoked Lamb Shanks Method

  1. Get your coals going in a chimney starter, wait to ash over and then add to the smoker, and leave to get up to 275F
  2. Dry rub the shanks while waiting for the smoker to come up to temp
  3. Add a couple of wood chunks to start smoking, and then place shanks on the rack
  4. Temp check them at 3 hours, and they should be around 165F
  5. Place in a foil tray filled with vegetable stock, butter, rosemary and garlic until tender.
  6. Once done, rest and, serve with sides such as roast potatoes and vegetables.

The recipe will also work with as many, or as few shanks as you like. As long as the internal temperature for each shank is around 205F, you’ll be fine. The shanks should fall apart with just a fork.

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