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Product Review - Meater+ Digital Bluetooth Probe Thermometer

by Ben Shute 23 May 2019 0 Comments
Meater+ Bluetooth Thermometer

Consistent cooking temperature and the internal temperature of meat are the cornerstones of great BBQ. Without them, meat comes out tough, takes longer to cook and if not watched can completely ruin your cook.

There are a number of great digital thermometers on the market, and over the years we have seen the development of more wireless models, often probes tied to a base unit that will connect to a mobile device and track your cook.

The Meater probe, from Apption Labs, is different. The single probe simultaneously monitors your internal temperature as well as ambient temp of the cooker (be it a smoker or an oven), and transmits via Bluetooth to an app that allows you to select the protein and how you’d like it cooked.

We went about smoking a lamb shoulder to test it, and were really impressed. Check out our video review and notes below.

Meater+ Range

The range of the Meater+ unit can be varied depending on how you configure it. Out of the box, and with a direct line of site, the probe will reach up to 33 ft (10m). With the probe inside a smoker, this range is 3m, but if you set up the probe using its charger unit, this grows to a range of 165ft (50m). You can also use multiple probes on the one unit.

Meater+ Range
Image Source: Apption Labs / Meater

Meater App

The app is where it all happens. It allows you to select from a wide range of proteins and levels of cooking, which once selected.

The readout features the ambient temperature of whatever unit you are cooking in, the current temperature of the protein and the target temperature. It also tracks, depending on the temp, a projected time to go. It will chart your cooks and sync to the Meater cloud where you can keep a record for future use.

Meater app digital read outs


There are a lot of digital probe thermometers on the market, but the versatility and portability of the Meater+ puts it ahead of its competition. The fact that it is wireless is a huge advantage for it, and that its range is extendable to such a distance makes it incredibly handy for weekend cooks and competition BBQers alike.

Grab from Meater online and Barbeques Galore.

  • Review unit supplied and reviewed in line with our guidelines. If you have a product you’d like reviewed, please check out our guidelines here.

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