Smoked Beef Short Rib

Short rib is possibly my favourite cut of beef. I still remember the first time I had one - this massive slab of beef attached to a monster bone that was just so insanely flavourful and tender. This recipe for hickory smoked beef short rib will give you a taste of...
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Red Curry Rubbed Lamb Shoulder

Lamb shoulder cooked well turns into a beautifully tender cut that just pulls away from the bone. Try this red curry lamb shoulder for something different.
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Explaining the Snake Method & Minion Method

A long, low and consistent heat source is the most important part of BBQ, the two most popular methods being the snake method and the minion method.
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The Road to Meatstock Sydney – Heat BeadsĀ® Joins The Team

We're kicking off our competitive BBQ campaign at Meatstock Sydney in May, and are excited to have our team supported by Heat Beads.
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Ultimate BBQ Slaw Recipe

If there is one thing that is synonymous with BBQ, it’s slaw. I’ve been making this slaw recipe for years, and honestly cannot remember where it came from or what I have changed over the years.

Supporting Meat Fingers BBQ at Meatstock Auckland

Meatstock is without a doubt one of the highlights on the BBQ calendar, and the Auckland leg is ready to kick into gear this weekend. Happening this weekend at ASB show grounds, the event will feature some incredible bands, BBQ class from Big Moe Cason, Butcher and...

Our Top 5 BBQ Books

Despite the wealth of recipes and advice about cooking now available online, there is something about sitting down and leafing through the pages looking for inspiration that is truly relaxing.